Alan Edwards Expert Interview

How important is Digital to your organisation? Does it have board level buy-in, is it central to your business strategy or is it seen more as a tactical marketing element?

It is central to the marketing function, appreciated but probably not fully understood at board / executive level

How do you define ‘digital experience’? What makes a great digital experience?

Finding answers to questions in a form that I want to consume them in. In other words being able to easily educate myself about a topic / solution/ prospective vendor, on my terms, without being sold to.

What are the main barriers to creating better online experiences for your audiences?

Lack of a coherent and sensible content strategy - or to that point, finding and hiring people who have the skills to understand and build a content strategy for digital execution.

What does the future of digital experience look like to you?

More relevant, more personal, more digestible content that is consistently available and delivered in an integrated fashion across digital channels

How are you adapting what you do to deliver more compelling digital experiences?

Working on content strategy - digital (channels, platforms, sites, etc. are no use with a content strategy to drive them - which should start with the identification and creation of target buyer personas

How do you measure the effectiveness of the experiences you deliver online?

Marketing contribution to revenue from digital channels and or attribution of digital interactions to marketing revenue contribution from any channel / tactic

How important is it to deliver a great emotional experience as well as a slick transactional one?

Back to content again. Hard to deliver an emotional experience if you don't know your buyers so starts with personas, which then drives content strategy which then drives the style of communication for factual or emotional engagement

What’s the role of content in delivering better online experiences?

See all of the above

How should a person’s context affect the personalised experience they receive? 

In all ways but this presumes that an organisation understands their buyer personas (the person)

How should a customer’s online experience integrate with their offline one? Are there any areas where they should differ?

Seamlessly otherwise it is a disconnected experience. Think shopping. Its like the experience of the shop, the online store, the purchase, delivery etc. all need to be connected otherwise the buying experience fails

What’s the best digital experience you’ve had online and why? 

Top of my head I can't think but I can say who it isn't - it isn't Amazon and it isn't most B2B tech companies. Apple does pretty well though

What are your top 3 pieces of advice for anyone trying to deliver better digital experiences to their audiences?  

  • Understand your audiences well (segmentation)
  • Understand your buyers even better (personas)
  • Develop a content strategy for these (Hard to find the skills)
  • Then think about the digital execution