Expert Interview: Matthew Oxley

How important is Digital to your organisation? Does it have board level buy-in, is it central to your business strategy or is it seen more as a tactical marketing element

Vitally important. We are a digital agency :)

How do you define ‘digital experience’? What makes a great digital experience?

Where the user leaves feeling satisfied they have completed their objectives whatever they may be

What are the main barriers to creating better online experiences for your audiences?

From an agency view, our biggest challenge is convincing the client to stop thinking from an internal business perspective and to start understanding how their end users think and look at it from their perspective. The next is, as always, time and budget. To truly development the UX it does increase project time and budget.

What does the future of digital experience look like to you?

Very exciting. Clients are becoming more savvy to UX and the importance of it across all digital platforms

How are you adapting what you do to deliver more compelling digital experiences?

As a digital agency we employ the best people who are passionate about digital. We actively encourage training, conferences, knowledge sharing and self learning with in the business.


How do you measure the effectiveness of the experiences you deliver online?

Agree key KPI metrics upfront in the research phase. Measure these on a agreed time frame. Make sure we/the client reacts and addresses any failing KPIs

How important is it to deliver a great emotional experience as well as a slick transactional one?

They are intrinsically linked. A poor transactional experience leaves the user with a poor emotional experience.

What’s the role of content in delivering better online experiences?

Interesting question. The obvious answer is that its key. Improved SEO, reinforce brand values, shareable, it gives the client a reason to reach out to customers. However, a lot of companies/brands fail badly at generating new and relevant content on a regular basis. A lot of the time it comes across forced, dry and uninspiring and can become just more spam in peoples inbox. Companies are still fixated on talking to their customers and scared to engage in a two way dialogue.

How should a customer’s online experience integrate with their offline one? Are there any areas where they should differ?

The utopia is that offline and online are seamless.

What’s the best digital experience you’ve had online and why?

Hard to answer this one if I’m honest. As i work in the industry I’m overly critical of any site im using.

What are your top 3 pieces of advice for anyone trying to deliver better digital experiences to their audiences?

  • An obvious one to start with but understand your audience groups. Look at their goals, what drives them, the challenges they face in the real world and online.
  • Just launching a site/ecommerce solution is just the beginning. Clients need to road map how they will engage with their users over time. Continuously review, iterate and evolve
  • Be realistic with your budgets and your expectations. The number of times we have met with large corporates with multi-million pound turnovers and yet want to pay pennies for their digital solution. The better the investment the better the return.