Real World Usability Tests

Research and Select a Cruise to the Northern Lights

We sent Sarah and Maria to to research and select a cruise to the Northern Lights.

Find and Recommend a Short Hotel Break

We sent Catherine and Simone to visit We wanted them to find a nice hotel they’d feel happy recommending to a friend for a short break.

Find the Opening Hours of a London Attraction

We sent Lisa and Jason to visit to find out its opening times.

Find The Best Avios Rewards Credit Card

Paul and Leon were asked to visit, The task? Find the best credit card for them which offers Avios rewards. So how easy was it?

Compare and Select Washing Machines

We asked Stephanie and Alan to visit in order to compare washing machines and select their favourite. Each has a completely different experience.

Find the Best Digital SLR Bundle with a 200MM Zoom Lens

We tasked Rose and Gabriel with going to in order to compare DSLR camera models and to choose the best bundle with a 200mm zoom lens.